Open Letter Reveals Why Arsenal Employee Quit His Job

  • 23-Aug-2016
Arsenal Football Ground

An open letter - that has been shared online thousands of times since it was uploaded to Twitter - explains just why one rather disgruntled employee decided to leave Arsenal Football Club, despite being a lifelong fan of the team.

The member of staff claims that he worked for two years in an Arsenal store but felt compelled to quite after manager Arsene Wenger made some comments about employees, allegedly blaming having to pay them for not being able to buy a player - which the writer of the letter described as "a disgrace", the Daily Express reports.

On August 22nd, Wenger made some comments after being pressed about the seeming lack of transfers at Arsenal, saying: "Spending the money and getting a top player, that is different and we are ready to do that. I will spend #300 million if I find the player, if I have £300 million. We are a club who have 600 employees, who need to have a responsible attitude as well."

These comments seem to have inspired at least one person to quit, if the open letter is anything to go by. And although many people have questioned the validity of the open letter, it may well be true.

Maintaining open channels of communication with your current members of staff, as well as those leaving your company, is the best way of ensuring that you stay on good terms with people and don't find yourself being dragged through the mud for some reason. Sending out exit surveys is advisable so you can find out why people are leaving and if they have anything to say that you could build on to make your company a better place for your existing members of staff.