The Top Challenge of 2017 will be to Retain Key Talent

  • 27-Feb-2017

Engagement and retention have already emerged as one of the top priorities for 2017.

The holy grail is to know what drives this for your people, because the emphasis changes for different groups.  Our own experience shows that chartered surveyors, for example, have different priorities to video game designers. You’d expect this, but what if you could get to another level, to anticipate and meet their needs?  Identifying the crucial ingredients that keep high performers and specialists on board.

In conversation with one of our clients recently, a Human Resources Director said she’d like to explore what happens to engagement at various points during employment.  She felt this would reveal how to focus energies in a more targeted way at key points in the employee journey.  When does engagement tend to drift off, and why?  When do people lose that special energy that makes them want to go the extra mile?  What would bring it back?

A more holistic approach to surveying employees could give you the key to unlocking even more potential. We agreed with her that this expanded view would be powerful. So we set about creating a coordinated 3 survey suite of surveys which compliment each other and build to provide real insight. We can survey opinions about those things which really matter to people in a job, as part of the onboarding process. We can re-survey their views on how the organisation is doing in those same areas throughout their time with you, perhaps starting several months in, and then if they leave your organisation, we survey them again.

How important are these things A, B and C to you in your working life

How well is your employer doing in these areas, A, B and C (surveyed at intervals)

Which of these were factors in your decision to leave, A, B or C

Find this out before they get their CV on the recruitment websites, or before the head hunter calls, and you’ve saved yourself a lot of hassle, and very importantly, a lot of investment in time and money.

Exit Insight is a specialist online surveying tool which helps HR professionals collect and present the most detailed, relevant and accurate data on why people are leaving their organisations. With the above expanded Insights, we could also help with understanding why they stay. Find out more by visiting our website here.