Quicker to Learn, Easier to Master

We know you’ve a million and one things to do, so we’ve made Exit Insight quick to set up as well as easy and intuitive to manage.

Group of people around a table

Here’s how it works:

  • Our experienced HR consultant will pay you a visit to really get to know your business, its HR function and any ‘exit interview’ goals. We’ll help you identify and formulate the unique questions you need to ask, as well as guiding you through the ‘core’ questions we’ve already built into the system.
  • You’ll be talked through the system, its set-up and how to manage and use it, all ready for you to securely upload your list of leavers.
  • Your Exit Insight system automatically invites leavers to take part, tracks their site visits and reminds them if they haven’t completed their survey.
  • Data is easy to collate, analyse, manage and present, and we’ll teach you how to do it all for yourself.