Make Incomes More Secure, Citizens Advice Warns

  • 14-Sep-2016
Pile of coins decreasing

If you’re wondering why people seem to be leaving your company in their droves, it may well be because they don’t feel secure in their positions, likely because of the kind of contract that they’re on.

Gillian Guy, the chief executive of Citizens Advice, has said that people are keen to have job security as well as a decent salary, with research from the charity revealing that nine out of ten Britons say having a steady income is important.

Ms Guy went on to note, however, that there are now 4.5 million people in some kind of insecure employment or other, whether that’s agency work, zero hours contracts or variable shift patterns.

“Some people do value these more flexible ways of working as it can help them balance other responsibilities, but it is a different story for those who rely on this type of work as their main income. Not knowing how much you can earn from one month to the next can make it hard to pay the bills and keep up with other financial commitments, which can result in debt problems further down the line,” she said.

The Sharp practice at work: agency rights report from Citizens Advice has found that the number of temporary agency workers in England and Wales has risen from 230,000 to 297,000 since 2006 – a hike of 29 per cent.

What’s more, in the last 12 months, Citizens Advice has registered a 20 per cent climb in the number of visits to its agency worker advice pages online – so it might be a good idea to consider conducting exit surveys to find out whether your workforce is a happy one in this regard or not.