12% Leave Jobs ‘To Pursue Hobbies As Careers’

  • 30-Aug-2016
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Finding out why people are leaving your company is a must as a business owner if you’re to make positive changes that will affect the rest of your workforce…

which is why you should perhaps consider carrying out exit surveys so that you can find out what their reasons for leaving are.

Interestingly, it seems that many people are keen to leave their jobs in order to pursue what they’re really passionate about. New research from the Centre for Economic and Business Research, Samsung Electronics UK and YouGov has found that 12 per cent of British employees have quit previous jobs in order to pursue a hobby of theirs as a career.

In their first year of working, these ‘funtrepreneurs’, as they have been dubbed, stand to make an average of £22,594 in their first year, a figure that’s set to climb by 50 per cent to reach £33,845 in just five short years.

In all, two in five people who left their jobs to pursue their own interests said they did so because they didn’t like the working culture at their old place of business, while 32 percent said they were looking for a change of lifestyle and 14 percent said they wanted to be their own boss.

Starting your own business can be daunting but there’s plenty of advice and guidance online if you’re keen to strike out on your own. Richard Branson recently shared some hints and tips for budding entrepreneurs on the Virgin blog, which could certainly be worth a read if you or someone you know has plans to set up on their own.