Employee Intimacy through Exit Insight

  • 21-Jun-2018
Group of employees interacting

The shift from PTB to EI

Earlier this month, Tom Haak, Director of the HR Trend Institute gave a presentation about HR trends and the opportunities for learning organisations, In his first point, Tom talks about personalisation. He asks whether organisations really take the effort to get to know their employees.

Tom cites Dave Ulrich’s book ‘Human Resource Champions’ as an influential tome, albeit that Haak believes many people didn’t actually read it. Instead, they only saw a picture with the four archetypal roles for HR. For many, the book was summarised in one key message: you must become a Strategic Business Partner. As strategy was a role of top management, this meant you had to get close to management, or even better, become part of top management! Many of today’s CHRO’s have improved in this area. Therefore, Haak says, HR has perhaps focused too much on pleasing top management and forgot to develop one of the other key roles Ulrich described: Employee Champion. The tide is slowly turning, from PTB (please the boss) to EI (employee intimacy). Really understanding the wishes, needs and capabilities of employees is getting more important, and this employee intimacy is required to design relevant employee journeys.

The fully customisable online survey system Exit Insight is a fantastic way to plug into the views of your employees. The online surveying system now allows your employees to feedback their views on a regular and ongoing basis, from recruitment, through induction, engagement and finally exit surveying, allowing HR professionals to really get to know what their people are thinking and feeling. Exit Insight helps organisations learn at all these critical times during an employee journey, helping HR turn statistical insights into action. This saves your organisation money, focuses scare resources and ultimately can drive engagement and lower staff turnover. Interestingly Exit Insight can also drive the strategic agenda. Its powerful graphing and analysis tools can help HR professionals, department heads and managers study trends, track indicators of improvement over time and act as a toolkit to measure progress along the strategic pathway organisation is taking. For more information about Exit Insight, drop us a line.