About Us

Exit Insight brings together the specialist knowledge and expertise of George Naylor and Adam Buckley.

George Naylor BSc. MSc.  (Organisational Behaviour and Methods of Social Research)

Around the world, George Naylor's ground-breaking research solutions are helping companies gain insight into their business.

A highly experienced practitioner in the field of organisational research, George has nearly 20 years’ experience of question inventory design, data analysis and survey report writing. As a Managing Director of sister companies, George Naylor Associates Ltd., and Enable-HR, he designs and executes innovative methods of researching organisational issues.

George's great skill is to be able to put himself in your shoes. Combining this empathy with his extensive knowledge of employee engagement and retention, he is able to get right inside the issue, thereby ensuring maximum participation and buy-in from all those involved in your research.

Adam Buckley BSc. MSc. (Computer Science)

Adam is skilled, rigorous and meticulous. As the leading light of Hebdensoft Ltd, he specialises in websites and mobile app development.

A highly experienced software engineer, he has 15 years’ commercial experience of web application development and high volume web applications in eCommerce and the healthcare sector.

He places great emphasis on security, design and functionality. Paying close attention to detail is paramount.

Adam's experience in database design, security, build & deployment processes, server hardware and functional/load testing all combine to ensure that Exit Insight functions smoothly and effortlessly, with cast iron security.